Pray to God, But Continue Rowing To Shore

Pray to God, but continue rowing to the shore.

– Russian Proverb

Being in recovery sometimes means not being able to see a path forward.  It means that with the uncertainty of the future we get bogged down in the today.  I have struggled with the thought that I can give up the future to my higher power.

The struggle is not with my higher power.  I have come to believe in a power greater than myself.  It is what gives me strength when I allow it.  It is what gives me serenity when I have none.

My struggle is the practical side of life.  The acceptance that while I can give up the worry I still need to do the work.  I like this quote because it really encapsulates it in a visually stunning way.  It is more impactful to me than “Let go and let God.”  Not because that hasn’t worked for me.

It is impactful because I can visualize it and understand it at a gut level.  If you are rowing to the shore and are tired and defeated you can pray that God will reach down with a mighty hand and push you along.  It may even happen.  That doesn’t mean that you can throw your oars over the side.  It also doesn’t mean that you lack faith.

You need to do the work.  The work will open you up for guidance and help in the most unexpected of places.  A friend who only comes around every few years accepts you at face value knowing now the secret you have held so closely.

Having faith doesn’t mean that your Higher Power will come down and remove all barriers.  I wish it would happen in my own recovery.  I mostly accept that it will not happen (we can hope, though, can’t we?).  Faith means that if you open your heart, your Higher Power will make it no harder than it needs to be.  That your worry and anxiety can be given up.

As you walk your own path to recovery, ask your Higher Power for strength.  To take away the anxiety. But if you don’t keep rowing, your chances of making it to the shore are reduced.  I continue to do the work in recovery and mostly in my life.

I hope that today brings you strength.


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